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In 1990, Colin Carmichael launched Carmichael Birrell & Co. This boutique firm quickly established itself as one of Canada’s preeminent executive search companies. They developed hundreds of client relationships and executed thousands of searches across a wide variety of sectors – from large multinationals to nimble startups.

Feedback from thousands of client interactions reinforced that Carmichael Birrell’s success could be attributed to their focus on five core elements:

1. Transparency
2. Action-orientation
3. Disciplined process
4. Integrity
5. Customer service

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While these elements would eventually coalesce into a proven methodology, Colin recognized there was an opportunity to enhance outcomes for clients even further – by combining this methodology with the infusion of new partners who brought in new technology and new ways of thinking.

Colin recruited a group of seasoned executives to join him in building out the next generation retained executive search firm. New partners with diverse backgrounds rooted in technology who would add their unique perspectives. While diversity of experience played a key, complimentary role in forming a stronger organization, it was the commonality of principles that helped form a stronger team. Each new partner lives and breathes the original five core elements and are committed to build the next iteration of Carmichael Birrell expressed today as oxford + richmond.

Today, we combine Carmichael Birrell’s proven search philosophy, high ethical standards and commitment to customer service with an industry leading focus on technology. With oxford + richmond you can feel confident that results come first and that your experience will be professional, transparent and positive from start to finish.

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Trust + Transparency




1. Each search presents a powerful public relations opportunity for our clients – so we take every opportunity to reinforce and enhance our clients’ established reputation

2. Open, honest and transparent communication is critical (to clients and candidates)

3. An effective hiring process demands thorough benchmarking, reporting and disclosure

4. We embrace the importance of meaningful, long-term personal relationships and client partnerships

5. We explore all avenues of candidate identification but focus on identifying, evaluating + attracting individuals who are not actively seeking a new opportunity

6. We live and breathe our core values and will never waver on them

7. We believe technology and analytics should be used to complement a services-focused business

8. Recruiting the best talent is a sales and marketing activity that requires a strategic approach and the participation of all stakeholders in the hiring process

9. We take a consultative approach to each search mandate, operate with a sense of urgency, and are always available to support you

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