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Solving your organization’s most complex talent management challenges.

Future-proofing your organization requires a well-developed talent management strategy. We dive deep to understand your organization’s priorities and challenges and provide customized consultative services – ensuring you have a well defined roadmap.

We focus our consulting services on talent management, with expertise in equity, diversity + inclusion, employee value proposition development, talent acquisition, succession planning, internal recruitment training, external market analysis and candidate experience + onboarding.

Our partners maintain a generalist practice and have successfully completed thousands of searches across a broad range of industries. The diversity of our experience ensures you are getting the best talent acquisition strategies for today’s ever-evolving environment.


Diversity + Inclusion

Research has shown that the most diverse + inclusive companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse + inclusive peers. At Oxford + Richmond, we have helped dozens of organizations improve their competitive advantage and built our reputation as a leader in implementing the most progressive strategies to improve how organizations attract and retain diverse talent.


Talent Acquisition

We are experts in talent acquisition and have built our reputation as one of Canada’s preeminent search firms by identifying, assessing and securing the best talent for our clients. With over 40 years of experience providing executive search and talent management consultation services to hundreds of organizations across all sectors, we bring a deep understanding of the best practices in talent acquisition.


Talent Acquisition Training

Effective recruitment requires discipline + specialized expertise. We are experienced executive search professionals, actively involved in executing search assignments daily so we know how to do it right. We offer in-person (and virtual), real-world training sessions for your talent acquisition teams so that they can apply a proven and rigorous executive search process to their talent acquisition mandates.

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